Sunday, November 15, 2015

Hi everyone,
     Third day in a row.  Well, we have broke camp and heading back home.  The Ray Stevens concert was great.  The others friends that went with Honeybear and I gave it a just OK.  They wanted to hear more of his biggest hits and not the new ones that he has put out and they did not know.  I enjoyed it all.  But I think that it is because I just love all of his songs.

Well, for a few of you know, today is my Birthday, and Ray Stevens concert was my Birthday gift.  This has to be one of the best Birthdays that I can remember.  I as glad to share it with my friends that we are traveling with, and with you all.
Now since we are heading home, it will be a while before I post again.  You see,  Execpt  for traveling, Steven and I live a really quite life.  If I posted our time at home it would bore you to sleep.  Our next trip will be Mid Dec. as we travel back to NC to visit family before heading to FLA. for the winter.  
You all have safe travels and low cost camping fees.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Hi all you travelers,

Today we are still in Renfro Valley.  This is the 3rd time we have visited.  Once we watched the Oak Ridge Boys in Concert, I think it was in 2013, the 2nd time we watched Mickie Gillie in Concert, about 2 months ago.  Well, at that time we saw that Ray Stevens would be here in Nov.  We ordered tickets then to come back to see him.

We found out last night at the Coaster/Drifters/Platters concert, that Ray Steven was sold out.  A couple sitting behind us,said they were not able to buy tickets cause it was a complete sell out.

Anyways, back to the Coaster/Drifters/Platters concert.   They are the 2nd generation of these group.  They sound just like the original.  The music was  fantastic. You could hear the audience singing along.  The lead singers in some songs, sang a cappella.  There voices were so good.

Well, today we drove to Berea KY.  This is an artistic town, with a College to teach the different types of art.  We saw so many very creative things from a women blowing glass to a man who makes metal jewelry and pewter shot cups to large cups.

We ate at the Main Street Cafe, just down from the College, with some friends.

Great food.

We headed back to the Coaches and rested up for RAY STEVENS tonight.  Show picture tomorrow.

Safe travels to all, and to all have fun.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Wow, 2 days in a row.  I surprise my self some times.
Anyways,  we arrived in Renfro Valley Campground around 2:00pm.  The weather was so nice were cooked and ate outside.

This morning we (Abby, Momma C, and I) drove to Corbin Ky. to visit the first Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant and museum.  It was very interesting.  We ate there and the chicken seemed to taste better then at home.  There was a lot of memorabilia from time gone by.
This is the information sign out side the restaurant.  Col. Sanders started his restaurant in 1932.

They said that in 1932 the served there food on glass plates and real silverware.

This is his secret mix for his chicken.  They said that he would pull all the labels off the containers so no one would know what ingredients that he used.

For those of you who may not know, the 2 pots in this display box are pressure cookers.  That is how he would fry his chicken so fast.  They still use pressure cookers, but much larger ones.
That is Momma C and I with Col. Sanders
And Abby and Momma C.

It was a nice visit.  This restaurant is now a historical site.

Tonight we will enjoy the Cornell Gunters, Coasters, and the Drifters.  I will let you all know how good or not they were.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Renfro Valley weekend with Ray Stevens

Hi Everyone,

    It has been a while since my last blog.  A lot has happened and I am not that good at keeping a journal.  Well, I will just have to keep on trying until I get it right.  So we will start from today.

Honeybear and I are on another adventure.  We are heading to Renfro Valley in Ky. with 2 other coaches.  That will be Abby and Walter Coffmen and Momma C and Poppa T.  We are going to see Ray Stevens in Concert on Saturday.  On Friday we will see Cornell Gunters, The Coasters,  The Platers, and Drifters in Concert.  This will be a great weekend.
We are driving the back roads now as I am typing this blog.  Just the freedom of RVing and the comaraderie of good friends, life could not be much better.